Hello and welcome to The Native Barista

Welcome to the story of The Native Barista. It all began with a coffee loving Melbourne resident in the midst of a lockdown.

Frustrated with social distancing and the increasing difficulty in visiting local cafes, it was clear that there needed to be some improvisation, adapting and overcoming.

With this came the thought of buying a french press - a simple but effective tool for turning ground coffee into a delicious long black. Not as good as cafe coffee yes, but certainly much much better than instant coffee. Add a little milk and there was a reason to stay at home to have a coffee, especially on busy days.

There was then another revolution, the cafetera or 'moka pot'. This little stove top device brought delicious espresso to the home, and slowly we edged closer towards that elusive 'cafe quality' coffee.

The final step was a purchase of an espresso home machine, a Breville Barista Express - a bit of a household staple for coffee loving Victorians, so much so stock was hard to come by due to a surge in demand. This machine truly amazed, whilst the first few (50) attempts weren't anywhere near as good as what the cafe a 15 minute walk would get, there was definitely promise of something amazing. 

Fast forward to now and I cannot imagine life without my home coffee, whilst all the above methods have pros and cons, it's very clear to us that coffee made in the comfort of your home can be delicious, and brings out creativity with a sense of achievement.

We truly want to share this passion with all of you, and see you all become the best Native Baristas you can be!

Take care,

W & Friends

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