The Importance of Fair Trade Coffee

What is Fair Trade Coffee?

At it's most simple, Fair Trade Coffee contains beans which are sourced from farmers who receive a fair price for their product. The monetary benefit to the farmer extends on to the community to which the farmer belongs, and also ensures the environmental impacts of coffee bean harvesting can be addressed.

Fairtrade also work to provide better working conditions and terms of trade for farmers and working in developing countries. This includes providing education for farmers on optimum harvesting, maintaining long-term contracts with international suppliers and learning how best to run their businesses.

The Fair Trade model is designed to lift farmers and their communities out of poverty, and empower them to more readily access health, education and measures which protect the environment.


Why should you buy Fair Trade Coffee?

Aside from the obvious socially responsible and feel good aspect of buying Fair Trade, you're also indirectly investing in improving your future cup of coffee!

The inner economist in me breaks it down like this: you buy your beans from with a fair trade certification -> farmers receive a higher payment for their harvest -> the additional money received is reinvested in better equipment and training -> as a result, the harvests are more plentiful and the beans of a higher quality -> the next batch of coffee you buy tastes better (and may even be cheaper)!!

For more details about Fair Trade Coffee, check out the post by Oxfam fair Australia.

Here at TNB, we're all for Fair Trade Coffee and believe it's absolutely fundamental to ensuring we can continue to enjoy our coffee without having any negative impacts on the wider community.


We sell Fair Trade certified organic ground coffee (see link) and also have Fair Trade certified coffee as part of our TNB Gift Packs (see link)


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