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TNB Matte Black Cafetera

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The iconic Italian stove-top espresso maker.  

Known as a Cafetera, Moka Pot or simply a stove top espresso maker, these provide a compact and cost efficient way to make espresso like coffee at home. All you need is ground beans (easily purchased at your local cafe or supermarket), some water, and a stovetop!

We also think our matte black cafetera with gold detailing looks much better than our competitors! 


Instructions for use:

1) Unscrew the Cafetera and fill with water (pre-warmed ideally), up until the safety valve. On our Cafetera's these are a gold screw.

2)  Fill the coffee basket up to the brim and level off to the brim, place this basket on top of the filled water

3) screw on the top and place over the fire onto a medium heat

4) wait 3-4 mins until all the coffee has been extracted into to the top section of the Cafetera

5) pour out an espresso and enjoy! You can then choose to add some milk (perhaps even by using an inexpensive milk frother) and have a home made latte!



- Capacity is 3 cups of espresso


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent product, great service!

Our TNB cafeteria arrived in the mail yesterday and it’s fantastic. We’ve got a Breville machine at home, but coffee out of this tastes even better. The cafeteria is really easy to clean and the matte black colour looks amazing. Very happy with it!

t smith
Great little addition to the kitchen! Easy to make and tastes great

Thanks for the little moka pot! it does a great job and looks great in the kitchen.

Rocket Cafe
Sweet luscious coffee from TNB cafetera

Always wanted a black stovetop, but this matte black stands out, feels amazing to the touch and makes the most sweet coffee I have tasted from cafetera. Postage was extremely fast!


Speedy delivery, looks amazing and works perfectly! Just need to find the right beans now