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TNB Matte Black Knock Box

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Quick, easy and stylish disposal of spent coffee grounds.


 - premium quality product made of matte black ABS plastic, making it durable against consistent long term use and easy to clean

- using a knock box prevents damaging your portafilter if you were using a spoon or knife to dispose of spent coffee grounds

- solid weighted knocking tube provides support when striking your group handle against

- detachable knocking tube helps with ease of cleaning, the knock box itself is also dishwasher safe

- non slip silicone outlined base, aside from avoiding any unwanted accidents, this ensures that your kitchen countertop or other surface is protected

- we find we can get about 8 double shot espresso pucks into the knock box before emptying, making it perfect for home use



- dimensions measure 10cm x 12.8cm


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Graeme Donaldson

Next day delivery was unexpected, was very happy with that. Great service