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TNB Matte Black Milk Frother

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The manual way to create foamy milk.  


Our TNB Matte Black Milk Frother provides a simple way to froth milk to be used with coffee brewed in a Cafetera or French Press.


Instructions for use:

1) Fill milk frother with hot milk

2) Repeatedly move the handle up and down to create a foamy texture

3) Pour and enjoy!




- 400ml capacity

- made of stainless steel

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Leigh Redmond
Very Happy

I picked up the milk frother to take away on holiday's with me as I didn't want to compromise on the way I love my coffee while not at home. It worked a treat. The milk (I use plant based milk) frothed up brilliantly whether I had it warmed up or cold. Took no time or effort to froth, and cleans easily. Also looks lovely. Note - when using hot milk, the container does get quite hot to touch.

John Walker
Very effective milk frother

I looked at several manual milk frother products before purchasing this one. After using it, I think it has the following advantages:
- It can handle small amount of milk. I was pleased to find that even very small amounts can be frothed well and with not much effort.
- It has a smooth metal interior which can be cleaned easily. Others I saw have non-stick or textured insides.
- I can use it on the stove if I need to. Glass would not be suitable here.

Julia Cassaro
Works a treat!!

This as made our recent camping trip so much easier!! We use to just have instant coffee with some soy milk poured into it, which is like average. But with this milk frother the coffee is so so so much better !! And it works a treat with soy milk. Very happy with this purchase

Chloe Cheetham
cute and dandy

I love my milk frother, it's so aesthetic and looks nice in my kitchen!! Works beautifully too :)

Daniel Ho
fantastic little unit

I bought this unit for use while camping. We love our coffee and wanted an easy option to make good quality froth milk. Love the full stainless steel design of this frother, and it does the job of frothing milk very well. Unlike similar other units, this is not teflon coated, does not have a plastic handle, and the edges of the mesh plates don't have silicone seals.
- I much rather the jug to be made of stainless steel. Teflon coatings gets scratch and they don't last very well.
- A metal handle is much less likely to get damaged when used over a gas stove, than a jug with a plastic handle.
- The unit worked very well without needing silicone seals around the mesh plates (silicone seals can be easily damaged)

Overall, the jug is well designed and is made to last, without unnecessary gimicks.